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Production Process

Liquid Preperation

April 11, 2022
Non-woven treatment
1 Onced prepared, the non-woven cloth is fed from storage rolls onto coating machinery, where the cleansing solution is applied. Several methods can be employed in this process. The cleansing solution can be added by running the fabric through a trough of the solution, or sheets of fabric may be sprayed with the formula from a series of nozzles.
2 Alternatively, individual towelettes may be packaged in sealed foil pouches. In this process, sheets of laminated foil are fed into automated equipment which folds them into a small pouch and heat seals three sides to form an open envelope. Simultaneously, another conveyor line feeds the non-woven cloths into the pouch. A liquid feed mechanism, including conduits extending through the stuffing bars, injects moisturizing liquid into the towelette packet simultaneously with the stuffing of the towelette material.

The ingredients used in the wipe solution are prepared in large batch tanks. Depending on the formula requirements, the tank is charged with the first ingredient which is usually water. The tank may be heated during manufacturing to facilitate blending of powders that must be dissolved or other solids that must be melted. The other the ingredients are added sequentially and mixed until homogenous.

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